ICP entrusts its technological upgrade to HP

ICP incorporates state of the art technology as part of its national and international expansion plans The growth of e-commerce and the development of the telecommunications sector has resulted in an increase in the company’s [...]

ICP installs Europe’s first logistics shuttle system from SSI Schaefer

ICP Logistics has expanded its installations with a new high-efficiency automatic warehousing and order processing system, becoming the first logistics company in Europe to deploy this technology from SSI Schaefer. A leader in technological innovation and [...]

ICP Logistics increase it’s activity in Europe

ICP has become an international logistics partner who has created a network of logistics facilities throughout Europe. We are currently located in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom with a facility in France due to open shortly [...]

What do digital and Logistics reputation have in common?

The digital and Logistics reputation of an online business are intimately linked.  To meet the expectations of more demanding clients is not an easy task; the comments and posts published about your business will largely [...]

The advantages that the IoT technology can bring into the Logistics sector

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest trend in technology that aims to make the connectivity amongst various devices available to the wider audience. The irruption of the IoT technology presents a challenge to [...]

ICP Logistics is training young IT talent

Computer programming students are being trained by the ICP Logistics team ICP Logistics is investing in the continuous training of our workforce with the best experts in each field so we can continue to offer [...]

ICP Logistics extends their facilities

ICP Logistics, a leading operator in the sector, has aquired a new 18.000sqm warehouse in Meco, Madrid (Spain), where their two principal warehouses [Meco 1 & Meco 2] are located. With the incorporation of Meco [...]

Yanbal & ICP arranges beauty sessions at the end of the working day

ICP Logistics introduces to all their employees a beauty course in partnership with Yanbal. Madrid, 15th June 2015.- Throughout the next few months, Yanbal advisers will give beauty courses to men and women in a [...]

Innovation and technology to succeed in the digital market, OMExpo & eCOMExpo 2015

During the 27th & 28th May, was the OMExpo & eCOMExpo was hosted in la Feria de Madrid; these are Spain’s benchmark events for the digital, marketing and electronic commerce markets. This year attracted 10,000 visitors, [...]

ICP Logistics renovates his image, and presents in eCOMExpo its advanced logistic services for eCOMMERCE

ICP Logistics, the industry leader in overall solutions of advanced logistics, will be exhibiting for the first time in at eCOMMExpo. Arranged by Easyfairs at IFEMA (Madrid), eCOMExpo & OMExpo are events focusing on electronic [...]

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