Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICP Logistics?2018-04-04T10:42:13+01:00

ICP Logistics is an advanced logistic operator who has more than 20 years of experience.
We offer a comprehensive logistic service; therefore, we are focused on providing the optimum solutions and managing supply chain critical points.
We develop custom processes tailor-made to our client´s needs and our facilities are equipped by the latest technology. Our service includes: procurement of merchandise, storage, stock control, system integration, distribution, transport and reverse logistics.

How can I contact ICP Logistics?2018-12-26T12:52:08+01:00

You can contact us via website www.icpuk.uk/contact/, by email: customer.service@icpuk.uk , or by our social media profiles: Twitter, Linkedin.

How can I optain ICP´s rates?2017-08-02T11:33:48+01:00

We evaluate each project individually, in order to offer the best rates to our clients. If you are interested in receiving an offer or would like further information, please contact our Comercial Department: enquiries@icpuk.uk.

How can I check my order status?2017-06-13T08:51:43+01:00

If you have not received an SMS or email notification or you have any inquiry about your order status, please email us at: customer.service@icpuk.uk or complete the form in our website.

How can I change my shipping address?2016-01-07T17:55:52+01:00

To change de shipping address you should contact your supplier or our Integrated call centre.

When will the order arrive?2016-01-07T17:57:04+01:00

The order status is available on supplier website where you will need the tracking number. In case of any problem, our customer service will contact you.

I am interested in working for ICP Logistics, how should I submit my CV?2016-01-07T17:59:33+01:00

To be part of ICP Logistics means joining in a leading team who strives hard for continual improvement, innovation and continuous training. If you are interested in joining us, you should send us your CV to Human Resources Department: careers@icpuk.uk.

I would like to offer my services as supplier to ICP, to whom should I turn?2016-01-07T18:03:49+01:00

Please, send us your service brochure and related information to our Purchasing Department: purchasing@icpuk.uk.