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1 Supplier Management

We perform all the undertakings related with suppliers and incoming goods, implementing exhaustive quality control and safe handling procedures.

2 Storage

More than 100,000 square meters of facilities in Europe with the latest automated processes.

3 Stock control

System integration provides full client data in real time providing the latest stock status information.

4 Picking order

Our 100 ergonomic and multifunctional workstations are able to prepare more than 200,000 orders per day for multiple clients simultaneously.

5 Transport

We provide our customers with multiple transport options with full track and trace facilities.

6 Tracking

We inform customers in real time the status of their order using either notification email, SMS messaging, web portals and our integrated Call Centre, providing the latest up to date information.

7 Reverse Logistics

We manage all the in-bound processes related to exchanges and returns of merchandise: item classification, fault finding (where applicable), labelling, refurbishing and reintegration back into stock or destruction of the product.


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