ICP Logistics, a leading operator in the sector, has aquired a new 18.000sqm warehouse in Meco, Madrid (Spain), where their two principal warehouses

[Meco 1 & Meco 2] are located. With the incorporation of Meco 3, ICP now has 48,000sqm of storage available at their facilities in Meco, strategically located at Corredor del Henares.

This new site incorporates 17,000sqm of warehouse and 1,000sqm of offices, equipped with the latest technology to manage the most complex projects on the market.

Due to this investment, ICP will hire more than 100 staff in the next 2 years A Large percentage will be young workers, giving them the opportunity to develop their professional future in the logistics sector.

ICP operates 6 Logistic centers in Europe totaling 70,000sqm, to which the incoming facilities, in their internationalization plans, will merge.

Ready to face new challenges, ICP invests in the improvements of their services, supporting the development of their clients and showing a great flexibility to immediately adapt to new projects.